How To Make Better Decisions

How To Make Better Decisions

Tools that help you take more rational decisions. Understand biases to take more balanced decisions

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Dr. Shavin Malhotra

Professor of Strategy, Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business, University of Waterloo

Research themes: Strategic leadership, corporate strategy and performance, gender diversity 

Research: Harvard Business Review Wall Street Journal Strategic Management Journal, Journal of International Business Studies and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.

Who is this right for?

New Hires

Navigate daily decisions. How to choose between options, analyze information objectively to make assessments and how to make unbiased judgments

Management professionals

Optimize strategic decision making in the short and long terms. How to analyze market trends to decide on product launch, make pricing decisions and so on

Business owners

Streamline decision making, from smaller to larger decisions. How to make hiring decisions, assess expansion plans and design market entry strategies

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I have attended multiple Laddr programs now and I have found the community and workshops to be extremely helpful. There are many workshops especially, 'How to set goals that give results' that I have found insightful. I have been able to apply the workshop's tips and hacks to my daily life instantly which is helping me in achieving my goals. I have also been able to access several more opportunities in college because of Laddr. I am very grateful to be a part of this community.

Trinabh Sahnan 

Student, DAV college

I randomly found Laddr on Instagram and I am so glad that I did. Their content is always around interesting learning topics like productivity, self-improvement, human thinking and so much more. I really like taking their regular quizzes on stories. I like their content so much that I have also shared Laddr's page with my work buddies. I even got a chance of attending their online workshops on interviews and goal-setting. The best thing about their workshops is the quality of content and the speakers are extremely polite.

Adavya Bhalla 

Software engineer

've attended one workshop so far, it was about emotional intelligence. It gave me clarity and helped dealing with situations in the professional environment. The social media tips have been helpful to deal with everyday life. The approach to the concept in Laddr's Instagram posts are adorable. I find them relatable yet knowledgeable ❤

Bhuma Varsha

Student, Sathyabama University


What all is included in the course?

You will get unfiltered access to our mentor-led pre-recorded videos. You will enhance your learning with our in-depth real-world scenarios that showcase how these skills apply daily. And, you can apply your new skills at the same time with our interactive and engaging assessments and quizzes.

Is the class prerecorded or live?

The class is completely pre-recorded and is self-paced. You can pause anytime and pick up right where you left off.

How long do I have access to the course for?

While the course is available for 6 months after your purchase, we are happy to extend your access if you need it for longer. Just write to us at

Can I have access to the mentors?

Yes, of course. At a small additional cost, you can! Just email us at

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, after completing the final assessment you will get an industry verified certificate that you can use while applying for jobs.

Is the class prerecorded or live?

Ah, we are really sorry this happened. Please write to us at and we will fix the issue within 24 hours.

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